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"I wouldn't be here without the gift they gave me"

One day in early January, Camila wasn't feeling well, with gastrointestinal symptoms including vomiting. She called The Clinic and the nurse she spoke to put her on a liquid diet to see if it would help resolve her issues. When our nurse called the next day to follow up, Camila told her that she felt a tightness in her chest, but that it went away with Motrin.

We brought in Camila for an appointment immediately, and Dr. Sissy John, The Clinic's Medical Director, gave her an EKG. She realized right away that Camila was having a heart attack.

Camila was transferred to the hospital and they discovered that she had a 100% blockage in one of her arteries. She was then able to have stent surgery to fix the blockage.

After her surgery, Camila says she feels "like a million bucks." And at Camila's first follow-up appointment with Dr. John, she gave her a huge hug and told her how grateful she was.

“Some angels are of this earth and don’t have wings, and the doctors and nurses at The Clinic are among them," said Camila. "I've never felt judged or like less of a person for coming to The Clinic since I don’t have health insurance. It's not just a building, but a beacon of hope and love."

Camila continues to receive comprehensive follow-up care at The Clinic. "Dr. John takes the time with me to make sure I am progressing well," she said.

Without The Clinic's services, Camila likely would have just kept taking Motrin and could have found herself in a life-threatening situation.

"I wouldn’t be here without the gift they gave me in saving my life.”

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