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Empowering Lives: Managing Asthma and Restoring Joy

This holiday season, we want to share a special story about Saris and her son Jorge. Jorge had a tough time breathing, and it made it hard for him to play with his friends at school.

They came in and saw our Medical Director, Dr Sissy John. Dr. John was able to manage his acute symptoms with a nebulizer and medications. She recognized that Jorge would benefit from specialized care and referred them to our volunteer Allergist, Dr Sumita Roy. Dr. Roy worked closely with Jorge and his mother to produce an asthma action plan and prescribe maintenance mediations for his asthma. She assured Jorge that she would help him get back to playing with his friends.

Today, we celebrate Jorge's progress. He's excelling in school and happily playing outdoors with his friends. "Saris thanks God, Phoenixville Free Clinic, and the staff here for helping her son."

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