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Empowering Change

Jessica Burger, along with her husband and two sons, were victims of crime in their home country of South Africa, and immigrated to the United States in 2005 to seek a safer place to raise their boys. Her husband was fortunate to have an offer with his company for a position in Exton, PA, and they moved. Adjusting to a new life was tough—they had no health insurance and didn't know the local healthcare or school systems, but Jessica wanted to get her boys in school as quickly as possible. Jessica says, “You carry an incredible emotional loss leaving everything behind and starting from scratch, and it was important for me to provide emotional stability for my family.” They were referred to Phoenixville Free Clinic (formerly The Clinic) where they received essential care without cost or judgment. “Just walking in here was a breath of light,” Jessica said, "and I was able to get my boys the physicals they needed so they could start school.” Today, her sons have graduated college, and they've found security and success. Jessica credits her faith for getting her and her family through the hard times. Her story emphasizes the vital role of free clinics in supporting families in need, ensuring everyone receives the care they need and deserve. Phoenixville Free Clinic has been aiding the uninsured for over 20 years, helping families just like this one access healthcare resources and information.

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