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Announcing A New Name For The Clinic

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Dear friends, supporters, and community members,

A little over two decades ago, the idea of a Phoenixville community with accessible, quality healthcare for everyone was only a dream. But our two incredible founders, Dr. Lorna Stuart and The Reverend Marie Swayze, dreamed big, and now, decades later, our most vulnerable neighbors are embraced by a compassionate, caring medical community. Our commitment to serving the community remains steadfast.

In our pursuit of extending support to those in need, we embarked on a strategic planning process, engaging in conversations with our partners, staff, volunteers, and community members. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the community’s needs and establish a sustainable path for future growth. Through these discussions, we recognized the importance of reevaluating our branding to enhance awareness and better serve our community. While The Clinic name has served us well for the past two decades, we believe that a change will allow us to better reflect our mission, location, and the individuals we serve while staying true to our roots and legacy.

After careful consideration, we have chosen the name Phoenixville Free Clinic. The new name and logo represent the community we are privileged to serve and embody our commitment to providing compassionate care to those who need it most. They symbolize not only our comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services but also our resolute determination to make quality medical care accessible to all.

As a free medical clinic, we constantly seek opportunities to enhance patient care, expand our services, and strengthen our presence as a valuable community resource. With this in mind, we are also introducing the Phoenixville Free Clinic Behavioral Health Program, which will offer vital ongoing mental and behavioral healthcare services to our at-risk, uninsured neighbors. We are grateful for the chance to address the mental health crisis our providers have witnessed firsthand within our patient population.

We invite you to share in our excitement and celebrate our new identity as Phoenixville Free Clinic. At the heart of our name lies the mission to provide compassionate and caring medical care—a truth that resonated when The Clinic was established over twenty years ago, remains true today, and will continue to be true for years to come. Thank you for your unwavering support.

With gratitude,

Dr. Mark Delowery Christi Seidel,

Board Chair Executive Director

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