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Dr. Lorna Stuart Receives 16th Annual Rebecca Lukens Award

To celebrate her commitment to providing quality medical care to uninsured and underserved members of our community, Dr. Lorna Stuart was honored to receive this year's Rebecca Lukens Award. This meaningful award was established in 2007 to recognize individuals who have dedicated their time, talents, and expertise to their community, and who exhibit the compassionate qualities of Rebecca Lukens, America's first female industrialist. Dr. Stuart exhibits these notable qualities of leadership, resilience, courage, and strategic outlook.

20 years ago, Dr. Stuart left her private practice to found The Clinic with Rev. Marie Swayze, when they were both disheartened by the lack of access to medical care for those without insurance.

Dr. Stuart received this award for her belief that medicine should be practiced with care and respect, and, most importantly, be accessible to everyone. All of us at The Clinic continue to be grateful for Dr. Stuart's work and her devotion to our patients.

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